Coder Girls Initiative 2018: Getting Started with Robotics

Over the past few years WODES has collaborated with Naya to inspire girls into technological fields. Our collaboration and support from international organizations such as Global Fund for Women has resulted in two very successful Coder Girls sessions that taught girls the basics of computer programming. This year we decided to take our efforts a little further to introduce girls to robotics. In the joint collaboration of Naya, Women Development Society (WODES), SOS Kinderdörfer Weltweit and Axis International, the 3rd session of the Coder Girls Initiative (25th Feb. - 3rd Mar. 2018) focused on introducing the basics of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering to help girls get started with robotics.

The 7-day workshop ended with a fun football match between the mini-bots created by our Coder Girls ( The event was filled with enthusiasm, laughter and a lot of positive energy. It was easily noticeable how these girls worked hard to accomplish an extraordinary feat in a short period of time. The event ultimately proves that the gender inequality that exists in the technological sector arises not from the biological differences but from limiting participation of girls in technological studies. WODES therefore looks forward to hosting more events like these in the future in hopes of creating a movement that promotes women in technological fields.

This year's Coder Girls Initiative is also a part of a series of events that WODES is organizing to honor the International Women's Day on March 8. WODES fiercely believes that access to technological studies is also a women's human rights issue.

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