WODES organizes a workshop on DC motors

As part of WODES's ongoing initiative to spark girls’ excitement in fields related to STEM, WODES organized a brief workshop on "DC motors" on 31 December 2018 at Jagat Sundar Bwonekuthi School.

Jagat Sundar Bwonekuthi is a unique school that promotes Newari (ethnic) culture and values through mandatory Nepal Bhasa (Newari language) teachings until grade 8. A bilingual approach means that the students are proficient in Nepal Bhasa as well as the National Nepali language.

WODES offered the workshop on DC Motors, which is a very important topic in physics and engineering. It contains many important concepts and theories that are very useful and span a wide range of applications. The workshop was a way to understand these concepts in a practical scenario. Schools in Nepal generally have very limited resources and are therefore unable to provide their students with enough practical experiences. The workshops that WODES organizes in the field of STEM, helps students (especially girls) and schools receive practical knowledge, which is extremely important for the overall development of the students. Practical education and professional experience must go hand in hand with each other to bridge the gap between education and employment.